Ashton College Goals

Ashton College Goals

Ashton College Goals

Since its inception in 1998, Ashton College has been committed to delivering high quality, career focused education to adult learners in Canada. This commitment has made Ashton College a recognizedinstitutionin the field ofpost-secondary career education and continuing education programs. Ashton College offers over eighty programs and courses in a variety of disciplines.

Our commitment to learning extends to both our in-person courses that take place in our conveniently located campus in Vancouver, British Columbia,as well as ouronline programs which are accessible worldwide.

We continue to adapt and grow to meet the needs of our students and push the boundaries of what we can offer. Guiding that growth and development are our unshakable principles:

1. Focus on Career-ready Education

We want students to come out of an Ashton program or course and immediately see the benefits of their education. We focus on providing programs that teach employable skills and disciplines. We make it our goal for students to see success in the Canadian job market by working on sought-after skills and fundamental knowledge.

2. Students First

As a private institution we believe in treating each student as an individual. Students are not just numbers to us. We focus on small class sizes to ensure that each student is able to get the attention they need from their instructors. Our faculty and staff are trained to support students through every step of the education process.

3. Deliver Hands-on Training

We focus on delivering practical knowledge alongside theory to provide a comprehensive education experience for our students. Our instructors are all industry professionals with years of experience in their field. Instruction backed by practical experience makes for an invaluable education experience.

Our Live Online courses are designed with the idea of hands-on training in mind. Our webinars are live and instructor led to provide students with guidance and support that doesnt occur in self-study asynchronous learning. We want to instill a sense of community and support even over long distance, which we facilitate with online communication tools and a curriculum focus on class discussion.

4. Support Innovation

A commitment to higher learning means a commitment to staying up to date on relevant innovations. We believe in continuing to grow, adapt, change, add and remove our programs and courses to meet the education demands of the modern world. Through constant research and surveys, we maintain and update our curriculums. We believe in lifelong learning through continuing education courses and professional development seminars that provide cutting-edge, specialized knowledge to students and keep them aware of industry changes and trends. We embrace modern technology and use it to offer comprehensive learning experiences both in-person and online.

5. Guarantee Accessibility

There should be no barriers between prospective students and higher education. Our programs and courses are developed with adult learners in mind, who often have busy schedules they need to work around. Our programs and courses are offered both as intensive full-time or flexible part-time programs and students are able to choose between in-class seminars at our Vancouver campus or online classes using our interactive LIVE Online format. Ashton continues to find new ways to break down barriers to education, including free short seminars that are available for anyone to enroll in.

6. High Service Standards

We believe in doing everything we can to support learners before enrolment, during their education, and after graduation. We offer support at every step of the learning process, helping applicants get the information they need, keeping students connected with instructors and each other, and ensuring graduates have the support they need to advance their careers.

7. Ensure Industry Endorsement

Collaboration is a key part of what makes any venture successful. We partnerwith professional associations and regulatory bodies and accredit our professional programs based ontheir guidelines andregulations. After completing their studies, our graduates can becomecertified or licenced professionals and join their respective organizations.

Alumni Updates

Who better to impart the value of an Ashton program than our very own graduates? Check out our latest Alumni Updates to see what some of our most recent grads are doing with the skills, education and credentials they gained at Ashton College.

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