Circuits and Robotics Course (Live Online)

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    36 hours

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Live Online

Part Time: November 17, 2020 – February 09, 2021

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This advanced robotics course will help students learn and develop amazing projects, from complete beginner to pro. In the process students get to build their social, professional and technical skills which will assist them in their upcoming futures in the robotics world.

Topics/Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:


  • Being able to build and decode circuits for any process automation.
  • Analyze how things around you work.
  • Built up enthusiasm to pull things apart to learn how it works.

e.g. You will be able to make a circuit to turn the lights and fans in your house as soon as you enter.


  • Learn basics of programming language.
  • Develop logic to solve specific problems.
  • Increase mathematical and analytical skills.

e.g. You will able to write program to develop games and robots.


  • Understand the physics behind existing gadgets.
  • Learn to integrate them into projects.
  • Accelerated growth and confidence in future studies and projects.

e.g. Students will learn how technologies like Sensors (IR, Ultrasonic, Temperature) and Motors (DC, Stepper, Servo) work and will be able to integrate them into their projects.


  • Learn to put things together to provide solutions to existing problems
  • Understand the process of product development life cycle.
  • Increases student’s social skills through group projects, entrepreneur skills through innovative projects and demos.
    g. Students will be able to develop projects like Home Automation and Self Driving Car


Sai Nalluri

Sai Nalluri is a technology enthusiast with diverse experience in mechanics, electrics, biomedicine and computer science. He attended Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering. He also has many years of dynamic industry exposure. Sai has travelled across the globe to expand his horizons in artificial intelligence and control systems. He obtained his master’s degree from the University of Western Ontario in Automation and Systems Engineering and later joined the robotics industry by launching Canada’s first Automated Grocery Delivery service, Voila. Sai believes that education should be more practical and experimental than theoretical. He zealously promotes practical, engaging and prototype-oriented learning. He has created various robotics courses, designed to ignite a passion for learning and provide vital industry knowledge. With his dynamic experience in STEM education, he hopes to provide future generations with the necessary tools to succeed in a technology-driven society. Sai recognizes that product development involves strenuous effort from multiple fields of engineering. For example, body design relies on mechanical expertise, circuit boards come from electrical insight and programmed intelligence relies on computer science expertise. A base in multiple fields can therefore make you more efficient and productive in your career. Sai argues that robotics is the only field that can provide such diverse knowledge. He considers robotics to be a great career choice for anyone. His advice? Stay hungry for knowledge because necessity is the mother of invention.

Youssef Roman

Youssef Roman is a passionate roboticist who loves to share his technical skills and experiences with great enthusiasm. He obtained his B.A. in Mechatronics Engineering from University of Waterloo and pursuing a M.A. in Computer Science from Wilfred Laurier University. Youssef’s skills in mechanical, electrical and software allowed him to work in industries like automotive, manufacturing, unmanned aerial vehicles, and digital communication. He collaborates with professors and industry professionals to design and build robotic systems with the goal of making human lives productive and efficient. Youssef has learned that whatever career path you have chosen, you should never stop learning. He believes that no matter how difficult and complex a concept may be, there is always a way to simplify and break down to fully understand. His journey here is to share with you ways to uphold simplicity no matter the challenges.

*Subject to change without notice

Required Materials

No books required. Some readings may be suggested and available online.



Live Online

Part Time:

November 17, 2020 – February 09, 2021

  • Students must devote at least 3 hours per week to attend live webinars.
  • Outside of live instructional periods, students will be expected to take part in various independent and/or group activities.

Technical Requirements

Live Online Students

Ashton College uses web conferencing tools to help instructors and students connect and collaborate live online. Students need access to a computer, laptop or smartphone to access the class sessions. To be able to participate in webinars, students need a webcam and headset, or a microphone and headphones, along with a high-speed internet connection.



Registration fee for this course is $799.

This course does not require approval by the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training. As such, it was not reviewed.

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